Course Description

  • While rules, procedures and definitions of conflicts of interest in the public sector are enshrined in various types of laws as well as by-laws and regulations, the setting up of conflicts of interest regulation system in the private sector is sometimes imposed on the organizations (e.g. as a part of compliance management system).

  • In this course we examine existing practices, recommendations, standards and legislation that are either developed for the private sector or can apply to the private sector and SOEs.

  • The detailed examination of conflicts of interest regulation in the public sector is available in another IACA online course “Handling Conflicts of Interest in the Public Sector.”

  • This course is developed in cooperation with Russian anti-corruption experts and financially co-sponsored by the Russian Federation.

Target Group

  • Senior managers and board members of all types of enterprises, including SMEs and state-owned enterprises

  • Employees of compliance, legal, human resources, security, internal audit and other departments entrusted with the conflicts of interest management

  • Members of conflicts of interest commissions

  • Consultants

Learning objectives

Upon completion of the course, participants are expected to:

  • Understand the concept, main types and elements of conflicts of interest

  • Get an idea which international compliance standards and guidelines contain useful recommendations on designing and implementing conflicts of interest policies as part of anti-corruption compliance programmes

  • Define the main directions and elements of the conflicts of interest policy and other relevant corporate policies and procedures

  • Learn how to detect conflicts of interest during the due diligence procedure and internal investigations

  • Discover effective tools and procedures to address the conflicts of interest

Format and duration

  • Format

    Information is presented in the form of text, diagrams, drawings, and interactive elements. The main content is explained on the slides, while various buttons contain additional details, links, explanations, clarifications, and examples.

  • Duration

    The course is self-paced. For an effective learning it is recommended to study one part per 1-2 days, check the provided explanations, laws, and assess the knowledge. In this case, the course can take about 18 hours to complete.

  • Quiz

    During the course the participants can assess their knowledge with quiz questions. The final quiz should be passed in order to successfully complete the course.

  • Access to the Course

    Enrollment is available ANY TIME, and access to the course is open for 90 days after the enrollment.

  • Certificate of Completion

    IACA Certificate will be awarded upon successful completion.


Introductory Remarks

Part 1. Definition and Distinctive Features 

Part 2. Typical Scenarios

Part 3. Provisions of International Anti-Corruption Compliance Standards and Guidelines on Conflicts of Interest

Part 4. Regulation of Conflicts of Interest in Anti-Corruption Laws that Have Extraterritorial Application 

Part 5. Policy on Conflicts of Interest in an Anti-Corruption Compliance Programme

Part 6. Prevention of Conflicts of Interest in Recruitment and Promotion 

Part 7. Checking Reports on Possible Conflicts of Interest 

Part 8. Identification of Conflicts of Interest in the Due Diligence Procedure 

Part 9. Detection of Conflicts of Interest in Conducting Internal Investigations

Part 10. Addressing Conflicts of Interest

Part 11. Conflicts of Interest in State-Owned Enterprises

Additional Resource. Legal Regulation of Conflicts of Interest in the Russian Federation

Closing Remarks

Final Quiz


This course is financially co-sponsored by the Russian Federation and offered for a special fee

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