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Target Group

  • Professionals responsible for ethics and integrity management in their organizations / institutions, both in public and private sectors

  • Employees / line managers / team leaders who serve as a point of contact for their colleagues / subordinates

  • The course will be also beneficial to all participants interested in being better prepared to build their personal and organizational integrity

Learning objectives

Upon completion of the course, participants are expected to:

  • Collect reflected experience of the complexity of ethical reflection and decision

  • Improve ethical literacy by extending concepts and vocabulary for ethical reasoning

  • Gain practice with structured methods to confront dilemma situations

  • Advance knowledge of methods and instruments of ethics and integrity management in organizations

  • Understand the concept of organizational integrity and its role in building trust and preventing corruption


Dr. Katalin Pallai

Katalin has 25 years of experience as an independent policy expert, researcher and educator. Her most important fields are ethics and integrity management, leadership and the facilitation of collaborative processes. Dr. Pallai, serving as associate professor of the National University for Public Service, played a key role in developing integrity education of civil servants in Hungary. She also worked for the World Bank, European Commission, UNDP, UNODC and other international organizations. She holds a PhD in Political Science from the Central European University.

Course duration and requirements

  • Access to the Course

    Enrollment is available ANY TIME, and access to the course is open for 90 days after the enrollment.

  • Video Content

    The course is SELF-PACED and contains 28 video lessons with a total duration of 3.5 hours. Completion of all the video lessons is a prerequisite.

  • Tasks & Quizzes

    Estimated time to complete the tasks and quizzes is 2 - 3 hours. The tasks are not a prerequisite, however the quizzes should be passed in order to successfully complete the course and receive a certificate.

  • Course Community

    The course community is open to discuss and share experience with the Instructor and peers - during and after the course.

  • Certificate of Completion

    IACA Certificate will be awarded upon successful completion.


The course consists of video lessons, individual tasks, handouts, suggested readings list, discussion forum, and quizzes.


1 video lesson

List of suggested readings


1 video lesson

1.1. Ethical Dilemmas

3 video lessons

Individual task


1.2. Decisions in Ethical Dilemma Situations

4 video lessons

Individual task

1.3. Impact of Context on How We Decide

4 video lessons

TEST (1/2)

Quiz on part 1


1 video lesson

2.1. Ethical Management Instruments in Organizations

4 video lessons

2 individual tasks

2.2. Integrity Management: A Systematic Approach

3 video lessons

Individual task


2.3. Organizational Practices

5 video lessons


1 video lesson


TEST (2/2)

Final quiz


To make the course available and affordable to a larger number of participants, a special price is offered to all interested professionals

Course reviews

  • "Thank you for an enriching journey provided by this online course. I learned a lot."

    Shacha Wangchuk, BT

  • "It gives a good overview of the various components and drivers of ethics and integrity management."

    Pek Yee Chin, SG

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